Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Worst of Humanity

I've come to believe that you can find the worst in humanity at a public access lake. We see it weekend after weekend, and I'm thankful we only have one more weekend to survive here at Spring Creek before moving into our new house.

As I've mentioned before, the area is peaceful during the week, but beginning about noon on Fridays, the crowds descend on the lake. Spring Creek Marina and RV Park is privately owned and operated, but it is almost completely surrounded by public access areas.

Week after week, we witness the following:
  • Litter left behind at campsites after people leave. A couple of weeks ago, we saw a vacated campsite that still contained a canopy that had been damaged by high winds (see picture below). Rather than take the damaged equipment when they left, the people chose to simply leave it behind for someone else to deal with.
    Canopy left behind by the worst of humanity
  • Complete disregard for "quiet" hours. Nearly every RV park has posted quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM. Weekend after weekend, drunken park guests continue their festivities well beyond midnight. This past weekend, our neighbors brought along their 3 large dogs, which they left tied up outside their RV to park at every imaginable sound all night long.
  • Boaters find it necessary to blast their music from their speaker systems, and some of the songs contain lyrics not suited for young ears. We often have to suspend conversations until some of these boaters get out of earshot. The boats I'm talking about are sometimes 200 yards or more away -- that's 2 football fields.
  • This past weekend, a nearby neighbor parked his truck right in the roadway. The park manager had to request that he move it so that others could use the roadway.
  • Two weekends ago, Donna and I survived a fiendish assassination attempt. Two teenage girls were riding a motorcycle through the park. Earlier in the evening, they had been stopped and ticketed by the police who patrol the area for riding the bike on a public roadway (obviously, the bike was not street legal). So, they then began riding strictly within the park. As they rounded the curve near our campsite, they lost control of the bike and ran through our campsite. Fortunately, we had been watching and listening for them, so we avoided injury. However, they literally ran over my chair and then crashed into our trailer. Donna then proceeded to beat them up. My poor chair now is decorated with tire marks on the back side -- I am not joking.
  • People wear clothing that they should not wear. There are lots of people out there that really should not expose as much of their bodies as they do.
And I could go on and on, but you get my point.

I've really seen some of the worst of humanity here, and I'm disappointed. And such demonstrations, of course, are not limited to this place and these times. We all see these things when we venture onto the roadways, into Walmart, into restaurants, and other places. For me, though, I'm just being exposed to a constant viewing of the dregs, and I'm ready for a change.

Hurry up and finish my house!

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