Monday, June 6, 2011

Life at Spring Creek RV Park

One of my favorite works by Mark Twain is a memoir entitled Life on the Mississippi. This piece recounts Twain's days on the river as a steamboat pilot before the Civil War as well as his travels on the river following the war. I find the description of navigating the ever-changing river fascinating, but one of my favorite parts of the work is the description of a sleepy river town that occurs in one of the early chapters.

The description begins by showing the sleepy river town in its usual state. Everything is slow and there is little excitement. Then the whistle of an approaching steamboat is heard, and the town springs to life. While the steamboat approaches the dock and while it is docked, the villiage becomes an ant's nest of activity. The arrival of the steamboat is the very essence of life for the little town. Then, as the steamboat pulls away to continue its trip either up or down the river, the town returns to its normal, sleepy state, awaiting the arrival of the next steamboat.

Spring Creek Marina and RV Park reminds me greatly of this scene from Life on the Mississippi. We've been here over three weeks now, so we are beginning to see the rhythym of this place.

During the week, all is quiet. The employees go about their tasks of mowing the grass, watering grassy areas, cleaning and making repairs to cabins, trimming brush and trees as needed, and doing whatever else needs to be done. Late Thursday, some of the weekend crowd begins to arrive. Then, Friday afternoon around 2:00 or so, the steamboat begins to dock and the weekend crowd comes aboard. Children ride bicyles throughout the park, people are walking this way and that -- some going to fish, some going to their boats, some just walking for pleasure -- loud music blares from car and boat stereos, and auto traffic through the park is almost constant.

Then Sunday arrives. A few early birds pull out early with their RVs, though most wait until late morning or early afternoon. By nightfall, the park is quiet again, and awaits the arrival of the next steamboat.

We've come to enjoy the weekdays here and the slow rhythm of the park. That is when we do all our fishing or walking or other outdoor activities. Then, while the steamboat is docked, we stay pretty much inside or find things in town to do.

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