Thursday, June 23, 2016

We Ain't Homeless No More

We closed on Monday. We moved on Tuesday. We had everything connected and working by Wednesday afternoon. And Donna and I are both exhausted.

It's great to be in our new home. Although we still have much to unpack and put in order, we are now settled and comfortable. But this move was, by far, the most difficult we've ever experienced.

The move itself went very smoothly. The closing was on time. The movers arrived exactly when they said they would, and they had us in our new home in a very short time. New items were delivered when they were scheduled. Everything went like clockwork. It was, perhaps, the best organized and most efficient move we've ever made.

But the old woman and I are not spring chickens anymore. The physical act of moving furniture and boxes really took its toll this time. It has also been quite hot here in San Angelo the past several days, and the humidity levels have been higher than normal. I find myself getting dehydrated much more quickly than I used to. In fact, even our recent 4 mile walks have been affecting both of us. We have been walking later in the morning when the heat and humidity have started rising. Now that we are settled in an area that is safe for walking, I'll start doing my walks as soon as it gets light and before the heat sets in.

It's so nice to be out of the trailer. I pulled it over to the house Tuesday afternoon to unload. Later that evening, we took it to our new covered parking area just down the street here in our new community. It will be convenient to have it stored where we live.

Now the real work begins. Time to notify all our providers -- insurance companies and so forth -- with our new address. It's not hard, especially in this age of technology, but it is tedious and takes time.

I've enjoyed traveling in our trailer. Our trip out west -- to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico -- was fun, and we really enjoyed ourselves, but it is good to finally be home again.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's Been Quient

If you read the blog regularly, you've noticed that I've not been posting much lately. That's because we haven't been doing much lately. As a rule, I only post when something has happened.

Actually, we have been pretty busy, but we haven't been doing anything worth reading about. Currently, we are parked at the KOA in San Angelo. We've been here about 3 weeks now. We've been busy getting things ready to move into our new home at Rio Concho West (RCW). We are set to close on Monday, June 20, and we will actually move in the following day.

We've been watching as upgrades to the house have been done. Upgrades to the bathrooms -- new counter tops and tile in bathtubs and shower -- came first. Then the new counter and back splash in the kitchen was done. The new light fixtures and faucets were then installed. Last week, the entire house was painted. Currently, new flooring (tile and carpet) are being installed. Other little jobs have been performed also, such as replacing the fan on the patio, installing a new fan in the kitchen, and things of this sort. We should be ready to go by the close date.

Donna and I have been busy making some new purchases. When we moved out of our old house, we donated our antique washer and dryer units to Goodwill, so we needed to get a new set. We also gave away an old bedroom suite to our daughter, so we've replaced that with a new king size bedroom group. I've also been contacting all the utilities to get service set up.

So, although I've had nothing of note to write about since we have not been traveling much lately, we have been busy. And one of the best things is that we have been assigned a covered parking space for our travel trailer at RCW. Now our trailer will be protected from those violent West Texas storms that we've endured for the past month or so.