Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Good Things at Spring Creek

Not all is bad at Spring Creek -- it's mainly just the weekend hooligans that are bad. But there is much I enjoy about this little park.

There is lots of wildlife out here. During one early morning walk, we counted well over 20 deer.

Turkey and deer at Spring Creek
Deer and turkey often graze together, and we've seen large numbers of each, and we see them on a regular basis -- almost daily.

We've also enjoyed the lake during the week, especially early in the morning and late in the day.

Sunrise on Lake Nasworthy
Donna has really enjoyed the ease of fishing here. The boat slips in the picture above are about 50 yards from our trailer, so it is easy for her to take her pole and drop it in the lake at any time.

We were fortunate to find this park as there are not many areas in West Texas with this much shade. The shade has been very welcome for we've had many, many days over 100 degrees. In fact, we've had about 10 straight days, and we've broken high records twice so far. As I write this, the temperature is 106 degrees. We had 110 degrees one day.

So, the park has its good points. As with most of life, we take the good with the bad.

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