Thursday, June 30, 2011

Settling In

We are settling in our new home.

Over the past week, we've made pretty good progress.

For the first few days, boxes were stacked everywhere, and the garage was completely full. Much that was in the garage was old furniture we really did not want to keep. I called a used furniture store, and the owner came out and we were able to reach a deal. We sold him our old sofa, 3-piece entertainment center, computer hutch, coffee table and 2 end tables, 2 night tables, 1 TV, and my riding mower. This freed up quite a bit of room in the garage.

The next day, I purchased 2 sheets of 4 x 8 plywood and began adding some flooring in the attic for storage. We then were able to move some items into the attic for storage. We still have quite a few items in the garage, but we are now able to park the pickup in the garage.

I went to a discount office furniture store downtown and found a nice used desk for the office as well as 3 new mohagany book shelves. I've spent the last couple of days setting up the office and unpacking books I've not seen in years. It's a delight to have all my books out again. I look forward to reading works I've not read since my college days.

The sprinkler system was completed Monday morning. That afternoon, the lawn people came and sprayed the yard (hydroseed). I began watering it Tuesday morning. We are looking forward to getting grass growing. Unfortunately, San Angelo and most of West Texas is in the midst of a severe drought, so once my yard gets established, I will only be able to water once a week, if that much. We had gutters installed on the house during construction, and I will purchase some rain barrels soon to catch water when it does eventually rain. That will help some; at least I'll be able to water plants.

Front of house; yard has just been hydroseeded

We still have some boxes stacked around, and I need to find a solution for my tools. I do not have a shop in the yard; I've not decided whether to purchase one or simply to use the other half of the garage.

But we are beginning to get back into our routines, so life is returning to normal.

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