Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moved In

Just a brief update on our house.

We closed yesterday at 2:00 and immediately began moving in.

First, we packed up the trailer, left Spring Creek Marina and RV Park, and put the trailer in storage. Boat races are to be held at the lake this weekend, and we did not want to be around for that circus. It was time to leave.

We moved a few items in yesterday and spent our first night in our new house. After nearly 6 weeks of living in the trailer, it was nice to take a real shower (me) and a real bath (Donna).

Today, we began moving in earnest. I had secured a trailer for moving from our storage facility, and made 3 loads before just giving out. I have 1 load to get tomorrow -- maybe 2 -- and then we will be completely moved in. Of course, the place is a wreck and the garage is full, but we are in our home.

All utilities were on when we arrived. This morning, Suddenlink arrived to connect us to the Internet and provide cable TV. Haverty's brought our new living room furniture. Furniture Row brought our new bedroom furniture. And Best Buy delivered our new refrigerator. So, we are in pretty good shape.

Now comes the tedious part -- just going through all our boxes and deciding where things go, what to keep, and what to throw away.

But, we are home.

Forgive me if my postings are not as regular as the past few weeks, but we do have much to do.

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