Thursday, January 7, 2016

Moving Day

It's moving day for us. Today, we hook up the trailer and leave Laughlin KOA at the Avi and move to Riverside RV Park on Casino Boulevard in Laughlin. This will give us better access to the casinos, restaurants, outlet mall, and other businesses located there.

We spent a week at the Riverside RV Park about 3 years ago (see "Riverside RV Park" from October 2012). I'm hoping the park has made improvements since our last stay, but I'm not holding my breath. The best thing about the park is its location. But we'll manage for 2 weeks and enjoy being in town. During our stay, we hope to venture up to Grapevine Hills and Christmas Tree Pass.

After our stay at Riverside RV Park, we'll head up to Las Vegas for a week or more. We're kind of stalling a bit to allow temps to warm just a little so that we can venture over to Death Valley to explore that park.

Unless Riverside has improved their WiFi service, I probably will not be able to connect via my computer for the next 2 weeks. And our stay after that will be at Sam's Town. The last time there, the RV park charged for their WiFi, so I did not connect. But now KOA has taken ownership of the park at Sam's Town, and they advertise free WiFi, so hopefully I can connect then. I can connect via my smart phone, but doing so is very tedious. I'm just not adept at using the keyboard on the phone, and it is more cumbersome to upload pics that way. But for shorter posts, the phone will do fine.

By the way, we've had unusual weather since arriving in Laughlin. Just after our arrival almost 2 weeks ago, the wind blew very hard for 2 days. Now, I'm used to wind as I'm from West Texas, but this wind was impressive. For the last 3 or 4 days, this area has enjoyed some very pleasant and steady rains. I don't know how much we've received -- certainly not enough to cause problems where we are -- but other areas in the Southwest have seen flooding. Looks like I'll be breaking camp in the cool rain today. Hopefully, by the time we set up at Riverside the rain will have stopped. Better break out the rain gear!

Hopefully, I'll see you down the road.

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