Sunday, January 17, 2016

How Are We Doing in the Trailer

It was one month ago that we closed on our house. Ever since, we’ve been living in our trailer. So, how are we doing after a month?

I guess we’re doing alright. This trailer is a bit small. It is only 28 feet long with a single shallow slide-out, so room is limited. When 2 people live in such a confined space, they better like each other. We’ve only squared off once. Donna got angry the other day and pulled her switchblade on me. I slipped on my brass knuckles and we went at each other for a while. Things are okay now, but I try to sleep with one eye open.

Seriously, you do have to work together to get along in such a small space. We try to respect each other’s space and be patient with one another. We’ve also developed a routine for each day, and that always helps us.

When we first started out, we had a couple of problems with the trailer. The converter was not working properly at first. Among other things, the converter recharges the battery when it is plugged into either shore power or the truck. Ours was not doing that. Until we could get into town to get parts, we just recharged the battery periodically with our battery charger.

Then, when we arrived in Big Spring just after leaving San Angelo, we discovered the clothes rod in one of our wardrobes had collapsed from the weight of the clothes. I made some repairs, and then we reassessed our clothing situation and took what we felt we didn’t need to our daughter’s home just outside of Big Spring to store for us until we return.

Other than that, the trailer has performed well. The first few days we were in Laughlin, the weather was bad and even cold. Since then, though, we’ve not seen a freeze. We’ve used just over 3 tanks of propane, and we use a couple of space heaters to cut the chill from time to time.

The biggest problem is that I’m not comfortable sitting anywhere in the trailer. Our main sitting area is the sofa, and the padding there is practically non-existent and there is little support. We’ve purchased some small cushions, and they help, but I miss the comfortable chairs we had in our previous trailer, and I miss the room we had in that trailer as well. But we are adjusting, and it amazes me just how little people need to live. I really don’t know why houses continue to get larger. What do we need with all that space?

We are heading to Las Vegas soon, and we’ll visit the Camping World there and look at trailers. If we find one in our weight range that has a rear living area, we may upgrade. It all depends, of course, on weight and price. But we’ll look. It also depends on the wait list at Rio Concho West and how long we think we might have to live in a trailer.

Until then, Donna will keep her switchblade sharpened and I’ll keep my brass knuckles handy.

I'll see you down the road . . . I hope.

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