Thursday, January 28, 2016

Riverside RV Park

We stayed at the Riverside RV park just over 3 years ago. I didn't like the place then and I like it even less now. The only thing I can say that recommends it is its location. It is within walking distance of the Aquarius, our favorite casino, as well as other local businesses such as the Laughlin Outlet Center and the In-and-Out Burger joint.

Having said that, I will say that the park can probably be quite nice if you get a nice spot. We've failed to do that on both of our stays. The park is extremely popular during the cooler months, and folks return year after year. Those that are "regulars" appear to be able to select where they stay. Those that are not so lucky get assigned to much less desirable areas.

The RV park is large. As the park moves west from Casino Boulevard, the land slopes up the mountains. To accommodate, the park is terraced with the section farthest west at a much higher elevation than the section nearest Casino Boulevard.

The interior roads of the park are all paved. Many of the sites have concrete pads, but many do not. The area where we were assigned was completely unpaved. It basically was a large gravel parking lot, and spaces were packed very close. In fact, we did not have enough room to extend our awning. I was even able to hear my neighbor's television at night from my trailer.

But there are nice areas in the park, especially those in the middle section. Restrooms and laundry rooms are plentiful, but probably about 20% or so of washers and dryers do not work. Cable worked fine with plenty of channels, but WiFi was costly. I did not purchase the WiFi option. I did get WiFi last time we were there, but the signal was so weak it was practically useless. Propane is available at the office. A shuttle bus ferries folks from bus tops around the park to the Riverside West Casino on a regular basis.

Below are some pictures of the park.

We saw some great sunsets from the park

Park office with Riverside Hotel rising in the background.

Another great sunset from the park.

The section where we were assigned.

This photo shows how the park is terraced up the slope.

One of the many laundry rooms in the park. The park is very large, so a shuttle runs through on a regular schedule to take residents to the casino.

A great view east from the park.

A street from one of the nicer areas of the park.

Another nice street in the park.

Another gravel parking lot in the park.

Section on the right is where we were assigned.

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