Sunday, January 24, 2016

Horseshoe Trail: Davis Dam Overlook

Off of the road to Pyramid Canyon outside Laughlin (see “Davis Dam and Lake Mohave”), there is another trailhead. This one is for the Horseshoe Trail crushed granite trail, that switchbacks over the small mountain and connects with the paved Riverwalk Exploration Trail mentioned in some of my previous posts. On the day that Donna and I walked over Davis Dam, we also explored this trail. However, we only walked the portion to the Davis Dam Overlook.

This portion of the trail is not long, but it does require a bit of uphill travel. It climbs a long, slow grade to the crest of a hill, then there is a short downhill section before it climbs one more time. At the end is a short loop which provides views in various directions. The actual overlook is located a bit downhill from the high point. This trail is heavily used by horses, so watch your step and be sure to give horses the right of way, which is standard trail procedure.

The views are great all along the trail in all directions. I took a number of pictures, some of which I have posted below. We started up the trail a bit late in the day. We had previously been walking in full sun over the dam, so we were quite warm and had taken off our jackets. However, as we began coming down from the overlook, the sun began setting in the west and we found ourselves in the shadows quite a bit on the return trip, and it was a bit cool.

But this is a great trail and it provides numerous photo ops.

Trailhead to Horseshoe Trail. Note horses in pens lower right. Earthen Davis Dam is in left center of picture.

View of Arizona from the trail. The highway is the one that connects Laughlin to Kingman.

Mountains to the west. I suspect Grapevine Canyon and Spirit Mountain are in there somewhere (see "Christmas Tree Pass and Grapevine Canyon")

Davis Dam, power plant, and Lake Mohave from the trail.

Donna near the top of the trail.

Donna in same place as in picture above. I climbed to the top of the small hill to snap this picture. View is towards the west.

The casinos of Laughlin.

I love the way shadows play on the mountains. Depending on the time of day and the light, the mountains look different.

King of the mountain.

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