Sunday, October 14, 2012

Riverside RV Park

We spent a week at Riverside RV Park in Laughlin from October 4 - 11.

The park was amazingly similar to the park at Sam's Town in Las Vegas. Streets are paved. Concrete pads are available at each site, but the rest of the site is crushed gravel. As you move away from the river in Laughlin, the ground slopes up, so there are terraced levels in the park. Trees have been planted in many areas, and some shade is provided.

This is a large park and extends way back from Casino Drive. The casino provides a shuttle bus to transport guests back and forth from the park to the casino. Restrooms and showers are located throughout the park, and they are beginning to show their age. They are locked and require a pass key. There are only 2 laundry rooms for this large park. We visited the one near the entrance. It had only a few machines, and some of those were not working. The room was poorly maintained.

Standard amenities are provided, including full hookups and cable TV. WiFi is available for a fee. I hate to pay for WiFi, and most parks today provide it free of charge. However, since I had not had Internet for the past 10 days, I decided to purchase the service. This was a mistake; speed was frustratingly slow. We also found the water pressure to be very low.

The sewer connection at many of the sites, including ours, was actually located a bit up the terraced slope at the back of our site. This meant that our drainage actually had to go up hill a bit. It took me some time engineering a way to get my system to drain more efficiently. I ended up using one of my leveling boards under my hose carriage as well as several rocks. I noticed other residents had done something similar.

We did enjoy sitting out at night. We had a good view of Casino Drive, and we enjoyed the numerous casino signs flashing along the road. However, I would not want to stay in this park again. The problem is, though, that there are very few RV parks in the area, so options are extremely limited.

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