Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sam's Town RV Park

We stayed at Sam's Town RV Park from September 24 through October 1. The park is located on the Boulder Highway in Las Vegas next door to Sam's Town Casino.

The RV park is a decent place to stay, and it is convenient to the casino. It has all the regular facilities -- restrooms with showers, pool, laundry room, cable TV, and full hookups. WiFi is provided at the park for a fee of $6.95 per day or $19.99 per week, so we did not use it.

The park is set up on a circular pattern with the pool and laundry room at the center. All streets are paved and all sites are solid crushed gravel.

All utilities for sites are contained within a single housing unit shared by 2 rigs. Motorhomes can either back in or pull in straight. All trailers back in. The sewer connection is rather unusual. You pull up a sliding door and fit your hose in a groove there, then slide the door down to secure the hose.

There are very few trees in the park so shade is at a premium. We were there when daily temperatures were in the low 90s and nightly lows were in the 60s, so we were alright, but I could not see us staying there in the heat of the summer.

The first day we were there, a motorhome came in and parked next door to us, sharing our utility box. We threw a breaker once that day. The motorhome left the the next day, and we had no more breaker problems until our last full day at the park, when another motorhome came in to share the box. That evening, we threw a breaker several times. It seems that by sharing a box, the motorhome was pulling power from us. I turned our fridge and water heater on to gas, thereby reducing our electric pull, for I wanted to ensure we had enough electricity for our air conditioner. We had no more problems after that.

Although the park is right on the Boulder Highway, which is a very busy city artery, the road traffic was not overly loud. However, sirens sounded at all hours of the day and night. We did feel safe in the park. The park is surrounded by a wall, and a security patrol made rounds at all hours throughout the day and night.

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