Sunday, October 14, 2012

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada, is an interesting town, and it is probably our favorite gaming town. I would consider living there if it didn't get so hot during the summer. It is normally a few degrees hotter there than in Las Vegas. When we left Vegas on October 1, the daily highs there were in the low 90s; our first few days in Laughlin, we had highs over 100 degrees.

Our first three days in Laughlin, we had a comped room at the Aquarius. It was nice to get out of the trailer for a few days. After three days, we then took our trailer to Riverside RV Park and spent another 7 days in Laughlin. We spent most of our time playing video poker at the Aquarius, though we did spend some time at the Riverside and one day at Harrah's.

Laughlin actually has two faces. There is Casino Drive along the Colorado River, where the casinos are located. Up the hill from the river is the residential section. There are nice homes, apartment complexes, a few businesses, schools, and a public library in this area. The two areas of Laughlin are about 4 or 5 miles apart, and the elevation difference is probably at least 500 feet.

The city operates a local bus service connecting the casinos to the residential area, and it is heavily used. There are also water taxis that run up and down the river. The Riverwalk extends from the Riverside on the north to the River Palms on the south; it does not extend to Harrah's, the southernmost casino.

Getting around on foot among the casinos -- with the exception of Harrah's -- is easy enough. All of the casinos are located along the river except for the Tropicana, which is located on the west side of Casino Drive. Each casino has a number of eateries, from local restaurants to chains such as McDonald's, the Outback, and other well known names.

There is always some type of activity on the river, whether it be cruise boats taking tourists up and down the river, water taxis plying their routes, or jet skis zipping up and down. Riverside also operates a taxi bringing people over from a dock on the Bullhead City side of the river.

Aside from gaming and related services such as restaurants, Laughlin has very few businesses. Bullhead City, just across the river, provides most services from groceries to medical to anything else needed by Laughlin residents. Although Laughlin has a few gas stations, gas prices are about $.15 to $.20 higher than in Bullhead City. From the Laughlin residential area, it is about a 30 mile round trip to the Walmart in Bullhead City.

This was our third trip to Laughlin. I reported on our previous trips last year. You can find these reports, both with pictures, using the following links:

There are other entries related to our November/December trip as well, but I have not linked to them as they do not pertain directly to Laughlin.

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