Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the Road: Las Vegas to Laughlin, Nevada

We pulled out of the Sam's Town RV park on Monday, October 1, to go to Laughlin.

96 miles from Vegas to Laughlin

From the park, we journeyed down the Boulder Highway past casinos, fast food joints, and other businesses. Just outside town, we turned south on Highway 95. This is the true desert. We saw a few Joshua trees and other stunted plant growth, but for the most part there is nothing out there but rocks and dirt.  There was a large body of water beside the highway just a few miles south of our turn off. Vegas had considerable rain early in September, and this could be a result of that. On the plains of Texas, there are playa lakes, which form in depressions after rains. This body reminded me of a playa lake. Nearby was a large solar farm, the largest I have ever seen.

About halfway to Laughlin, we passed through the small town of Searchlight, Nevada. Not much there except a gas station or two, a McDonald's, and a casino or two. Then back into the desert.

Just before our turnoff, we passed by the uniquely named community of Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada. Not much there, but it does have the required casino as any good Nevada community does.

Just before reaching the California line, we turned east onto highway 163 for the most scenic part of the drive. The road here winds through the southern part of the Newberry mountains, a range that climbs to just over 2,600 feet. After reaching the crest, the final 10 or so miles then winds down to Laughlin at an elevation of 558 feet, our lowest point since leaving East Texas 2 months earlier.

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