Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fernbrook RV Park, Longview, Texas

Fernbrook RV Park is possibly the best RV park we have ever visited. I highly recommend it.

Fernbrook RV Park is located in the middle of a triangle made up of Longview, Kilgore, and Lakeport. It is about 2 miles south of Interstate 20 on FM 2011, near the old community of Peatown.

I could tell I was going to like this place from the moment we pulled into the park. The entrance makes a great first appearance. A white rail fence fronts the road, and the office sits just inside the fence. There is plenty of room to pull in and park at the office.

Entrance to Fernbrook. Notice wide entrance and paced roads.
All interior roads are paved, and all sites have cement pads. The pad is roomy enough to allow parking the trailer and to still have room for walking, sitting, etc.

Roomy concrete pads easily accommodate rigs of all sizes.
All utilities are grouped together. I like this, but many parks spread their utilities over a broad area, making hookups difficult and messy. If you've followed my blog, you've seen my comments on this topic in other reviews.

From left to right: water, sewer, and electric/cable. Very convenient setup.
All sites are located in a sea of grass. Although there are few mature trees in the park -- except along the south boundary -- trees have been planted around the park. In a few years as the trees mature, these trees will offer plenty of shade.

One of 4 streets in the park. Nice paved streets, paved sites, grass, and trees. Playground is on the left.
The park offers various amenities, including a pool and playground. The laundry room is great, with plenty of machines in great working order and plenty of room for folding clothes. There is even a change machine in the laundry. Restroom and shower facilities are roomy and clean.

Office on left and laundry/restrooms on right
The park provides 32 Direct TV channels. WiFi is included in the price with two access points in the park. We had good connectivity during our stay.

There are 3 hosts who live in the park, and they stay busy and are very visible. We needed propane during our stay. We were told to leave our tank at the edge of our site and they would fill it up and deliver it. What a great service! A tank of propane cost $17.50, one of the best prices I've had on our trip.

Probably half the residents are long-term residents; they are located mostly along the southern sites where the mature trees are. We also saw a daily stream of travelers in many sites around us. Since the park is only 2 miles off the interstate, it is a convenient overnight stop for east/west travelers.

The park is highly rated, and their prices are very fair. About the only thing I didn't like about the park is that it is located about a mile from a gun club. Occasionally -- especially on Saturdays -- I could hear shots in the distance, but the sounds are so far away they are not a problem at all.

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