Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Instant Yard

Last Friday, Donna and I spent the day laying sod in our side/back yard. We went from a dirt yard to a full lawn in a matter of hours.

We ordered Celebration bermuda grass from a local nursery. I ordered 2 palettes, which was enough to cover 900 square feet of lawn. I needed just a bit more, but this will have to do. I do have a few gaps in the back area, but the grass should spread and fill in over time.

Celebration is supposed to be one of the more drought-resistant strains of bermuda grass. It is also supposed to perform well in either full sun or in partial sun. The area just off our patio will probably only get 2-3 hours of sun each day, so I hope it will do well in that area.

Below are some before and after pictures of the yard.

Side yard looking towards the alley (south).

What a difference grass makes! I left a 2 foot wide area along the house for an herb bed.
Back part of the yard. The frames are for raised beds. I wanted to get them placed before putting in the grass. Each bed is 6 feet by 4 feet.
I'll need to get a mower soon.
From the back looking towards the patio and front.
Again, the grass really makes a big difference. The side area will not get much sun. I left another border at the back of the house for beds.
Our front yard is a desert landscape. I hope to find a palo verde or other desert type tree to plant in the front, probably next winter. I'll add a few more desert plants, like red sage, perhaps ocotillo, chollo, etc.

As I was writing the above, a short rain storm moved over, enough to wet the pavement. Hopefully, we will get more tonight and my grass will get some of the nutrients rain provides. Unfortunately, almost anytime it rains in West Texas, it seems that there is a good chance for hail and high winds. Baseball sized hail was reported to have fallen north of Abilene just a few minutes ago, and a violent storm moved through El Dorado, just south of here, about 2 hours ago. It would be nice to get a good drenching rain without the violent side-affects.

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