Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blooming Yucca

We have 2 yuccas in our front yard. One of them is in bloom. I've always loved yuccas in bloom. There is a roadside park just north of Ozona, Texas (where we lived during much of the 1990s) on Highway 163. The park has several yucca plants, which always produced some of the most beautiful blooms. I always enjoyed that sight when we passed the park.

Blooming Yucca in our front yard

There are a few buds near the top that have not bloomed yet. The other yucca has yet to bloom, though it has about the same number of buds. Interesting why they are not blooming at the same time. I've treated them exactly the same -- when I water one, I water the other, for example. Soon, they will be completely established and I'll stop watering them except during extreme dry spells. But for now, I do water them regularly, as well as the agave, the sage bushes, and the other plants we have (which I do not know what they are).

I spent yesterday morning working on the 3 raised beds in my side yard. I had already built the frames (see "Instant Yard" for previous pictures), but I had yet to fill them. So yesterday, I put down a thick layer of newspapers to block the weeds. Over time, the newspapers will decompose and improve the soil in the process. On top of the newspapers, I placed several cubic feet of sphagnum peat moss, followed by several cubic feet of garden soil, then mixed them together. I will follow the same process with the beds surrounding the house, but I've run out of newspapers for right now.

Raised beds ready for planting

The beds are now ready for planting. Donna will fill one with basil. Once she harvests that crop, she will make pesto and freeze it. We'll be able to eat her pesto all winter, and boy, she makes the best!

We had almost an inch of rain here last week, spread over 3 days. The nitrogen in the rain really did help the  new grass. Compare the grass in the picture above with the grass in the picture below, which was taken immediately after putting the sod down. You can see that the above picture is greener, and the lines of the sod squares are beginning to blend into the grass. If we could only get more rain.

Raised beds just after sod had been put down
Currently, we are only allowed to water twice per week, and that will soon be reduced to once per week. I'm hoping that my sod is getting established enough that it will be able to withstand the summer heat, which is fast approaching. We have several days with the high approaching 100 predicted for this week.

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