Sunday, May 19, 2013

Never Say Never

We sold our travel trailer recently, but that doesn't mean we have given up the RV life.

Donna and I are restless souls. Since our marriage in 1977, we've lived in at least 10 towns in Texas and 2 places overseas. We can't seem to stay put in one place very long. We always want to know what's around the next curve in the road. I guess the longest we've stayed anywhere is 8 years in Ozona and about the same length of time in Kilgore.

We enjoy going to new places and trying new things. It doesn't take us long to get bored with a place. And that is why the RV lifestyle fits us pretty well. When you get tired of a place, you simply hook up and move on down the road to new adventures.

I don't know what the future holds for us. I know we are committed to staying in San Angelo for a time after our new grandson is born. Grandma wants to be around during his early years. And who knows, we might just settle in to life here and find peace and decide to live out the rest of our years here. We do like San Angelo. It's a good place to live, full of friendly people. It's easy to get around, has good medical facilities, and it has all the shopping we need.

But our itchy feet may just start shuffling about, and if they do, we may look at spending time on the road again.

To this end, I've been organizing my thoughts about RVing. For example, if we do decide to RV again, we'll go full-time. If we do this, what do we look for in an RV? Where would we travel? What would we do with our furniture? How would we take care of finances?

I've been putting down my ideas about RVing on my website ("Living the Good Life") in a section I call "RV Corner". If you are interested in RVing, you might drop in and look around. There's not a great deal of information there yet; it is a work in progress. Whenever I get an idea, I pull up a page and record my thoughts. Perhaps you'll find something there of interest. Perhaps you'll catch the RV bug. Perhaps you'll become a restless soul.

If so, perhaps we'll see you down the road.

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