Wednesday, May 29, 2013

36 Years and Counting

Donna and I celebrated our 36th anniversary last week. That's a long, long time.

Donna and I met through a mutual friend while I was attending Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. I don't know if it was love at first sight, but we did seem to hit if off quite well from the get go.

After completing my student teaching assignment at Palestine High School in the East Texas town of that name, we were wed on May 26, 1977, in the small chapel at the Methodist Church in Conroe, Donna's home town. It was a small affair with mainly family and a few close friends attending. Sadly, that church no longer stands. It was on the edge of downtown and has since made way for a business. A new Methodist Church has been erected on the western edge of town.

We didn't have any money in those days -- heck, we still don't have any -- so our honeymoon was very short. We spent a few days in the Hill Country. To this day, that is still just about our favorite place in the world. We'd move there in a heartbeat if we could afford property there.

After our marriage, I continued my studies at SHSU. I had a teaching fellowship, and was able to complete my Master's Degree at night while teaching part-time at the university during the day. We lived in a small cabin just outside of Huntsville, and even though we had no money, those were arguably the happiest 2 years of our lives.

After completing my MA, I secured a teaching job in Olton, Texas, about 50 miles to the northwest of Lubbock. Today, we blame that move -- at least in part -- with creating our restlessness. It seems we've been on the move ever since. But those were good days. Our daughter was born in Plainview while we were in Olton, and she has always been a West Texas girl.  Donna and I don't know what we are.

Today, our daughter lives near Big Spring. That is her home; it is where her husband grew up. I do not see her leaving. And I'm happy that she is settled; actually, I envy her that. Donna and I will never be settled. Even now, after living in our new home for less than 2 months, I'm wondering where we will go next. But we like being close to Courtney and her family. In fact, she had a baby shower just over a week ago, and it was nice to be able to attend and meet all of our husband's family. We had met most of them before, of course, but it has been a lot of years since we last saw them. Courtney's mother-in-law and her husband live a few houses down the street. As if that isn't enough, Courtney and family live between two of her husband's brothers. We call the place "The Compound" since they all live in close proximity together. And Donna and I think that is great.

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  1. I can see that you two are still up to your shenanigans. This is a shout out from a long, lost (in more ways than one) friend. Happy Trails, Keith and Donna! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the high life. Cindy (Moore) Pryor LMC :)