Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blanco State Park, May 2015

Donna and I spent the week of May 5-12 at Blanco State Park. It was our first time to stay here in about 3 years. That's a shame, for this is such a nice little park.

The park isn't very large, and there are no real hiking trails though there is a nature trail along the river. But walking the park roads is nice and provides opportunity for exercise. Donna also got in quite a bit of fishing while there. I don't know if she caught anything; I know we didn't have a fish dinner during our stay there.

One of the nice things about this park is that it is actually located in the town of Blanco. From the park, you can easily walk to downtown and other areas. In fact, there is a paved trail connecting the east end of the park to the historic square and downtown. If you look at a map of the park, please note that north is pointing down, so you are sort of looking at things upside down -- at least in my mind.

The park is popular with visitors and locals alike. It's easy to fish along the river, and a swimming area below the dam is popular with families. Kayakers also like the calm river here.

Families enjoy swimming in this area below the dam. The low water crossing is about 100 feet downstream.
Another view of the swimming area, this one taken from the low water crossing.
Since our last visit, they have made a few changes at the park. For example, on our previous 2 visits, we camped in site 10 within a little circle or ring (see park map). However, that section is now reserved for 50 amp rigs. 30 amp RVs are now assigned to the inner sites of the loop just to the west of the restrooms. Specifically, these are sites 11, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25, 27, and 31. Both the 30 amp and 50 amp sites have sewer connections.

We stayed in site #12, which was well shaded. All sites are paved and have a covered picnic table. Our site was perfectly level, and that is always a pleasure. All utilities are conveniently grouped together. Each site has a fire ring and a covered picnic table, which came in handy for enjoying the easy rain.

Campsite 12. Lots of shade and a nice covered picnic table. Since it rained often during our stay, we spent a lot of time sitting around the table under the cover.
This is a popular little park. When we arrived on Tuesday, only 3 sites in our area were available. Unless you book a month or more in advance -- as we did -- it is difficult to secure a spot on weekends.

The park hosts do a good job in the park. They were constantly cleaning sites after people left, mowing the grass, and doing all the other things that keep a park in good shape.

Dam upstream from the park. Note kayaker off to the right.

Tree growing sideways
Wildlife viewing area in western part of park.

Black squirrel eating bird feed in wildlife viewing area. Black squirrels are common along Spring Creek in San Angelo, and we see them just about every time we visit there.

Texas asparagus. These yucca are just about ready to bloom.

Donna and her new best friend. This duck came to visit every day.
I noticed a city police vehicle make rounds through the park on a regular basis. I appreciate that; it gives a sense of security.

On our prior visits to the park in our Rockwood trailer, we were able to pick up numerous television stations. However, on this trip, we were limited to only 3 stations, and they were never clear. I'm not sure whether the issue was weather, location, or the antennae on this trailer. There is also WiFi in the park, but it is not secure and it is very slow.

To read about one of our earlier visits to Blanco State Park, click the link below:

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