Friday, May 15, 2015

Hill Country Trip Overview

Donna and I just returned from a wet and cool 10-day trip in our trailer. We left San Angelo on Tuesday, May 5, and spent a week in Blanco State Park in Blanco, Texas (more about the park in another entry). It rained on us as we drove there, but let up while we set up the trailer. Once we were set up, though, the heavens opened and we had a good rain, perhaps as much as 2 inches.

And that was just the start for us. It rained on us at least a little bit every day while we were gone. Some days, the rain was light, but some days it was heavy. After a week at Blanco, we then journeyed to Kerrville where we stayed 2 nights at the Kerrville-Schreiner Park. It rained on us as we traveled, but let up again long enough to let us set up. We were even able to take a short hike on the day we arrived, though we did so in a constant mist.

The next day, the rain really came down in Kerrville. I have no idea how much it rained, but it was considerable. We truly felt “trapped in a trailer” on that day. But that is part of the RV lifestyle. You have to take each day for what it is. We felt snug in our trailer knowing we had all the comforts.

I’ll start publishing entries from our trip as soon as I can. Even though we endured a lot of rain, we really had a good time. And I’ll never complain about the rain. This country needs a good soaking, so when it comes, we are grateful.

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