Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summary of Hill Country Trip

What a difference 2 weeks makes. On our recent trip to the Hill County, we had rain everyday, but nothing dangerous. It was enough, though, to keep the ground saturated, so that when the rains started falling harder about a week ago, flooding began. I'm glad we were back home before all the flooding happened. While camped at Blanco State Park, we were a mere 100 yards or less from that then peaceful river. In a mass email from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department I received yesterday, they warned subscribers about the recent floods and damage to the parks in Texas, some of which will need to close for repairs. The email also contained this link to a You Tube video of Blanco State Park after the flood. On May 23, 2015 over 12 inches of rain led the Blanco River to crest at 40 feet (breaking the gauge) causing significant flooding and damage to the park. Again, this video is after the flooding and shows the damage.

In my entries for the trip, which I previously posted, I did not include everything we did. I mentioned only 2 places that we ate, the Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels and the Salt Lick in Driftwood. (See "San Marcos Day Trip" and "Good Eats: The Salt Lick, Driftwood, Texas.") But we ate other places as well. For example, while in Blanco, we ate at two places.

After our hike at Inks Lake State Park (see "Hike Report: Inks Lake State Park"), we stopped in at Old 300 BBQ on the square in downtown Blanco. We weren't particularly hungry, so we only had chopped beef sandwiches. I don't normally order chopped beef, but felt an urge to that day. I enjoyed the sandwich, enough so that I want to go back and sample their brisket. What we really wanted, though, was to sample their beer. They have $2 draft beer every weekday from 3 to 6, and after our hike we were a bit thirsty. They have 4 beers on tap, 2 from the local brewery, Real Ale Brewing Company. I can't recall exactly which beers from this brewery they carried, but we only sampled 1. They also carried a beer from the Twisted X Brewing Company in nearby Driftwood. Again, I don't recall what the specific beer was. There was another craft beer on tap, but again, I don't recall the name. In all honesty, we didn't care for the beer they carried. That's not to say they were bad; they just weren't what we enjoy. We prefer dark porters with hints of chocolate and coffee. But this is definitely a place I'll return to and, yes, I'll sample their beers again because I really like draft beer.

We also ate at the Hacienda El Charro right outside the entrance to the state park in Blanco. This is a tiny place, but I liked the food. It's nothing fancy and nothing to write home about, but the food is quite decent and reasonably priced. And since it's just outside the park gate, it's an easy walk.

In addition to eating out and the other activities I posted, we also drove down to Guadalupe River State Park one day to explore there. We had hoped to hike, but it poured on us during the drive there, then sprinkled the rest of the time. Perhaps we can hike there another time. While in the park, we also looked at camping facilities in case we should want to camp there sometime. They do not have full hookups, though, so we'll probably pass up camping there and just return to Blanco -- when it dries out.

And of course, Donna fished quite a bit. It was easy at Blanco for her to grab a pole, some lures, and walk the short distance to the river and cast her line about. It keeps her happy and out of trouble most of the time, so it's a good way to get her out of my hair for a while. I just wish she'd bring something home to eat from time to time.

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