Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trail Maintenance

Last week, I posted an entry ("Walking at San Angelo State Park") in which I indicated that one reason we were road walking was because some of the trails at the park were becoming a bit overgrown from spring rains.

Well, this past Saturday, Donna and I went out to the park for a 5 mile road walk. We took the shorter of the 2 routes I detailed in the entry referenced above. From the parking area, we walked southwest along the main park road. As we neared the headquarters, we heard quite a bit of activity. Through breaks in the brush, we were able to see clusters of people doing some trail maintenance on the Tasajilla Flats trail. A group of probably a dozen or so young people -- boys and girls both -- were armed with shovels, clippers, weed eaters, and other tools, and they were spread out for at least half a mile along the trail cleaning it up.

What a great way to spend a few hours. Donna and I have often thought of volunteering our time in such activities, but we just haven't done so yet. Guess it's time to get online with the Texas Parks and Wildlife site and see if there are any listings in their volunteer section.

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