Monday, June 15, 2015

The Plan

Since late in 2014, Donna and I have been working on the next phase of our retirement. The purchases we've made since that time have been part of the plan. Let me share that with you at this time.

Donna and I are always on the lookout for a better place to live. Now, we're perfectly happy with San Angelo, so we aren't really looking to leave this town. But we're always looking for a better house, a better neighborhood, and a better lifestyle. We think we just may have found the best situation for us.

There is a retirement based family of communities in San Angelo called Rio Concho. The communities include Rio Concho Manor, Rio Concho Terrace, Rio Concho Patio Homes, and Rio Concho West. Depending on your desire and your needs, there is a community for you. For Donna and I, Rio Concho West looks like a good fit for this time in our lives. When we first shared this news with our daughter Courtney, she was a bit upset, for she felt we are too young for a retirement community. But Rio Concho West is not an assisted living retirement area -- it is just a community of retired people our age or older.

Homes are individually owned. The plans we are looking at are the same size as our current home, perhaps a bit larger. But what makes this place special for us is that there is no maintenance. Once you purchase your home, you then pay a monthly maintenance fee that includes various services, including lawn care, house insurance and maintenance, including appliance maintenance except for washer and dryer,  and basic services such as cable TV and trash collection.

Within the community, there is a community center with salon, exercise room, billiard room, meeting rooms, and so forth. The community plans monthly events from trips and dinners to theater outings as well as various group projects. The area is ideal for walking; I've already measured a 1.5 mile loop. For us, there is even parking for our RV, complete with electrical connections and a dump station.

It will be a while before we move out there, though. We put our names on the list in December 2014. At the time, we were number 17 on the wait list for the floor plan we requested. I checked again in March and we had only moved up to spot 14, so it may be a while before a house becomes available. It looks like we are moving up about 1 spot each month. I figure when we get somewhere between spots 5 and 10, we'll put our house on the market. I'm gambling our house will sell first. If so, then we'll move our belongings into storage and take off for an extended trip in our travel trailer. So, this is one reason why we decided to buy another travel trailer.

But once we do move, we expect to take longer trips in the trailer. After all, there will be no regular maintenance I have to perform on our home, such as mowing the yard, so we'll be free to travel. And should something need to be done with the house, then maintenance will take care of it.

So, we're looking forward to this next phase.

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