Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Colts Are Gone

Ever since we moved to San Angelo, one of our favorite things to do during the summer was to attend the San Angelo Colts baseball games. That is a thing of the past, though. A member of the United League Baseball, the Colts declared bankruptcy last year. In fact, in January the entire United League Baseball  folded as I understand.

Donna and I will really miss attending the games. We enjoyed spending summer evenings at Foster Field watching the games. In these days of rising prices, the Tuesday $2 games were a real treat. On $2 Tuesdays, parking was $2, general admission was $2, hot dogs were $2, and ice cold beer was $2. For $20 or less, we had a ball.

I'd really like to see the league reform. I do not know what the future holds, though, and neither of the websites linked above provide any information.

I've written a couple of entries in the past about our attending the Colts' baseball games. If you are interested, you can find these at the links below:

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