Monday, June 1, 2015

Dog Crazy

Before I even start, let me say that Donna and I both love dogs. And I'm pretty pretty sure Donna was a dog in her former life; she still has some canine tendencies. To be honest, I prefer dogs to most people. I find them to be nobler and truer and to have better personalities. I really can't think of too many people I prefer to dogs. My grandson Xander would be one of them. He's a pretty good young man. The jury is still out on his young infant brothers; they just haven't had time to develop their personalities yet, so we'll just have to wait and see how they turn out.

But I digress . . . .

Our country is going to the dogs, literally. I don't mind people owning dogs and loving them, and I expect all dogs to be treated properly and humanely. But take a look around. I know you've seen what I've seen. Here are a few of my observations.

My desk sits in a front bedroom next to a window where I can look out onto our street as I use the computer. I see people walking their dogs at all hours of the day, and sometimes they have 2 or even 3 dogs. I observe a lot of folks who do not have their dogs on leashes. They believe their dogs are so special and so well behaved that a leash isn't required, even though it is the law. I watch as their dogs scamper into yards up and down the street, leaving scented packages for all the homeowners. Most of the time -- not some of the time or even occasionally, but most of the time -- the dog owner does not clean up after his/her pets.

Then there are those dog owners who drive around town with their dogs in their laps, the little armload of fur often hanging out the window. I really don't see much difference between texting and driving and holding a dog -- or any other animal -- while you drive. Responsible drivers have both hands on the wheel and their full attention on the road. Drivers holding dogs are not giving driving their full attention. And many times, these drivers are elderly, with response times that are not what they used to be. I feel that I can make a statement such as this since I am a senior citizen myself.

As we travel around in our RV, we're always surprised at the number of people who travel with pets, especially dogs. Quarters in any RV are cramped in some way, so when 2 or 3 dogs pile out of a rig we are always amazed. And as in neighborhood life, RV travelers often fail to put their pets on leashes or pick up after them.

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