Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Creek Marina and RV Park

Spring Creek Marina and RV Park is our temporary home until about June 30th. It's really a pretty pleasant place to stay.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon, and things were hopping. There aren't that many lakes in West Texas, so people out here take advantage of the water they can find. On the weekends, this place is crawling with water rats.

Spring Creek Marina and RV Park is located where the Middle Concho River and Spring Creek merge to form Lake Nasworthy. The lake is also fed by the South Concho River.

Junction of Spring Creek and Middle Concho River
Spring Creek Marina and RV Park is private property located next to Spring Creek Park. On weekends, folks from all over West Texas bring their tents or RVs and camp either in the RV park or the public park.

We are currently staying in site 66.

Our campsite: Spot 66
One of the things we enjoy about this place is the generous shade provided by the numerous mesquite trees throughout the park. Not many places in West Texas provide so much shade, so we are fortunate to be here.

Mesquites provide shade in the park. Our rig is the Rockwood in the center of the picture.

We've enjoyed watching all the activities on the lake. Actually, the body of the lake is downstream from the park, but a great deal of boat traffic moves back and forth on the Middle Concho within view of our campsite.

View of the lake from our campsite
Now that the weekend is over, the park is quiet. The weekend campers have returned home, and the park is left to retirees and those few individuals who stay in the park while working on jobs in the area.

Donna and I took a walk this morning. We like to walk 3 miles several times a week for our health and to keep us fit for hiking. On the walk this morning, we came across 2 flocks of wild turkeys and numerous deer. This spot is truly an oasis in West Texas.

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