Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiking Around Texas

In a recent post entitled "Hiking Around", I introduced the topic of hiking and why Donna and I enjoy this activity so much. We intend to do a great deal more hiking as soon as we get settled in our new home.

I started thinking about all the places we've hiked in Texas and decided to make a list. As I continue this blog, I'll post reviews of trails when we hike them, and I may even post reviews of past hikes.

As best as I can remember, here are the trails in Texas we have hiked so far. Links are provided. The list is in alphabetical order.

Keith at trail junction on Four C Hiking Trail
 There are quite a few places on our "bucket list" to hike in Texas before we call it quits. These include

The state park system (Texas Parks and Wildlife) does a good job of providing maps and other information related to hiking and camping. However, maps and related information differ from park to park. For example, some parks -- like Dinosaur Valley State Park and Hill Country State Natural Area -- give precise mileage on trails. Other parks provide maps that lack sufficient detail and trail signs.

Donna on boardwalk over swampy area in Hunstville State Park
 You may wish to consult other hiking sources for Texas. Laurence Parent has written a number of books on hiking in Texas. These books are usually available in bookstores such as Hastings and Barnes and Noble. There are also websites worth consulting, such as Texas Hiking. If you visit this site, you will find a number of hikes I recorded several years ago under the username of "kcameron".

If you've never done any hiking, consider it. Hiking is one of the cheapest and most rewarding outdoor activities you will find.

I hope to see you on the trail.

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