Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trip Update

Early Tuesday morning, December 22, 2015 . . . .

If things had gone as planned, we would have been in Alamogordo, New Mexico, this morning, preparing to head to our next stop in Marana, Arizona. But things haven't gone as planned.

Last week was quite busy, but we managed to close on our house on Friday at the appointed time. We had moved all of our furniture into storage the previous day, and had spent Thursday night in our trailer at San Angelo State Park. But we were experiencing a problem with our trailer, and did not feel comfortable setting out on a lengthy out-of-state trip in it. So, we altered our plans.

We did go on to Big Spring on Friday after the closing, as planned. We spent Saturday with Courtney and her band of ruffians, and we enjoyed an early Christmas with them. But instead of remaining in Big Spring until Monday and then departing for Alamogordo, we left on Sunday and headed to Lubbock. I had made an appointment at Camping World to look at the trailer on Monday morning, and we would stay there as long as needed to make repairs.

We took the trailer in early yesterday morning and it was out by noon. Camping World does a good job. When we decided to come to Lubbock to make repairs, we planned to just spend a week here. That would give us time to make sure everything was working on the trailer, and it would get us through the Christmas weekend. But plans seem to be made to be broken.

Watching the weather the past couple of days, we see that a cold front is moving into the region on Saturday, December 26. It will bring below freezing temps at night and moisture with it, quite possibly in the form of snow. If we stay through the bad weather, then a cold system will settle along our route west for quite a while following the front, making travel in that direction a bit unpleasant for a while, thereby delaying our trip west even longer. The smart thing to do would be to pack up and head west this morning. We could arrive in Laughlin on Christmas Eve and avoid any bad weather along the way.

The problem is that I'm down in my back. I'm having trouble performing normal movements, much less movements required to get a trailer ready for travel. But I hate to miss this window of good weather before the bad moves in. I might have to get the whip out and put Miss Donna to work.

So, no telling where we will spend Christmas. In case I don't have a WiFi connection, let me wish you an early Merry Christmas.

I'll see you down the road.

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