Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Planning for the Move

Donna and I are busy these days getting ready for the move. We don't work as fast as we once did, nor do we work as long, but we are pretty steady. We're gradually getting there.

We are carefully coordinating the close date on the house. We officially close the morning of Friday, December 18. To make this run as smoothly as possible, we'll park the trailer at our house on Monday, December 14. We'll spend that afternoon loading the trailer. We have to pack carefully since we'll need to take everything with us we will need for the next 4 to 6 months -- or longer. We will also turn on the trailer fridge to allow it to begin cooling so that we can load items from the fridge in the house. The next day, we'll take the trailer about 2 or 3 miles down the road to our state park (San Angelo State Park) and set the trailer up there. We'll connect the electricity so the fridge will run, but we won't connect the water yet because we will still be living in the house. After all, at this time of year, we could have a freeze at any time.

Wednesday morning, we have some appointments, but later that afternoon, we'll do our final packing. The movers come early Thursday so we want everything to be ready for them. We really don't have much, so I don't expect the movers to take long. I'll then take the movers to our storage facility and help them unload our belongings there. In the meantime, Donna will be cleaning the house to get it ready for the new owners. We will spend Thursday night in the trailer. When we get there, all we'll have to do is turn on the water and we should be ready to relax a bit.

Friday morning, we meet the buyers at the title company, sign the papers, and deposit the check. We then head back to the trailer, hook up, and head on down the road on a new adventure.

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