Thursday, September 3, 2015

Images of Davis Mountains State Park

Below are some pictures that I took from Davis Mountains State Park on our recent trip. I say "from" because some of the images are of places outside the park, but were taken from vantage points within the park.

This was taken from our campsite, spot #24. If you look carefully at the hill, you'll see a road that switchbacks up. The road is called Skyline Drive and offers good vantage points for seeing the country around the park.
Donna really enjoyed sitting out. Daily highs stayed below 90 during our trips, and mornings and evenings were a bit nippy. From our site, we could watch vehicles climbing Skyline Drive at all times of the day.

I zoomed in to show how the road has been cut into the hill. At top left, the road goes around to the backside of the hill and then travels along a ridge for at least a mile or so to a scenic outlook.

The next 6 pictures are taken from Skyline Drive.
Camping area as taken from switchback. Our trailer is center left, next to covered picnic table. Keesey Creek runs left to right in picture, and most of the trees are located along the creek.

Indian Lodge up the valley.
Entrance to park off Highway 118. Follow the road up past Prude Ranch on to McDonald Observatory.
Mitre Peak, about halfway between Ft. Davis and Alpine.
Large tomato hot house along Highway 17 just outside Ft. Davis on the way to Marfa.

Donna in the scenic outlook with Ft. Davis in background.

The next pictures are taken from other areas of the park.

Trailhead for the Montezuma Quail Trail along the main park road.

Indian Lodge, as seen from main park road.

Patio of the Indian Lodge. Entrance to Black Bear Restaurant is through door under covered area to left.
Bird viewing area from inside the Interpretive Center. There is also a viewing area outside. Interpretive Center has a few displays, and some programs are presented here. There is a small garden outside as well.

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