Monday, September 21, 2015

We've Gone Over to the Dark Side

Donna and I resisted for a long time. I guess we were among the last holdouts. But we finally gave in to our baser desires and crossed that line and joined the dark side.

Yes, we bought two smartphones.

Since retiring, we've been living on fixed incomes. We've done everything we know of to keep operating expenses down. I resisted smartphones because (1) the phones themselves are more expensive than the old flip phones we used, and (2) the plans are more expensive. I also feared becoming a smartphone zombie; you know, one of those people obsessed by their smartphone to the point that they lose all face-to-face social skills.

Because we are traveling so much in our trailer lately and plan to travel even more over the next few years, we finally decided it might be advantageous to get some smartphones. I do see a great need to be able to check highway routes while on the road, not to mention look up RV parks and other information.

So, we've spent the past couple of weeks learning how to use the phones. We've been downloading the apps we think we need, and we've been learning how to use them.

And we're really trying to become smartphone zombies. Now we can go out to eat and text each other from the same table. It surely beats talking to each other, don't you think.

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