Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Harvey is all over the news, as it should be. What a disaster! Donna is from Conroe (just north of Houston) and I did undergraduate and graduate work in Huntsville at Sam Houston State University, so we are both very familiar with the area. Donna has family in Houston as well as Conroe and that area, so we worry about them. They all seem to be doing well, though.

When Harvey first appeared on the radar, some early models projected that it might move inland from Corpus Christi through the San Antonio area and then out to our area. Although any tropical storm is dangerous, we were somewhat hopeful that it might follow this course. Now, I don't want a deadly, damaging storm wrecking where I live, but we continue to be hopeful for some nice sustained rains to fill our reservoirs.

As Harvey neared the Texas coast, models then began accurately predicting its true course. I find it amazing just how accurately the weather can be predicted. Anyway, most of the rains from Harvey did not go much beyond San Antonio and Austin. We received only half an inch last Saturday from an outer band. We need several inches to fall over several days. Hopefully, such rain would fall gently and slowly, allowing the water to flow into our reservoirs without causing much damage.

We seem to always be living on the edge out here as regards our water. One of these days, I'm sure the rains will come and replenish our area lakes. Until then, we continue to live from year to year.

Until then, my thoughts remain with those in coastal Texas and Louisiana who have received much more rain than they wanted. Folks in those areas have some challenging days ahead of them.

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