Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Header

You may have noticed the new header above. The old picture was no longer relevant, so it was time to say goodbye to it. The former picture, shown below, was taken in June 2015 at South Llano River State Park, and showed our travel trailer resting in site 58. If you look carefully, you can see one of us sitting under the picnic table cover to the left; you can click the picture to enlarge it.

Site 58 at South Llano River State Park, June 2015
But since we no longer have the trailer, I thought it was time to replace that picture. The new header was taken by my brother Larry when he and his wife Nancy came out for a visit in June 2014. Larry, Nancy, Donna, and I had driven up to Big Spring to meet our daughter Courtney and her band of wild Neanderthals for lunch. Before meeting them, we visited Big Spring State Park, which occupies a high spot on the southern edge of the city.

That picture of our camp at South Llano brings back good memories. I do miss camping when the weather is good and there are things to do. But I'm glad we no longer have the trailer. I was reading a story in our local paper yesterday regarding the violent storm we had a week ago. The story contained several pictures of overturned RVs at San Angelo State Park. The damage was pretty bad. I am so thankful we never ran into anything that bad. You can see some of the pictures on the website of our local paper, the San Angelo Standard Times.

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