Monday, July 10, 2017

Color at RCW

The recent rains have been a true blessing in our area. As I said in a previous post, the rains haven't been plentiful enough to really improve our lake levels, but they have kept the grass in lawns and pastures growing and they have helped the area farmers.

On my walks about the neighborhood, there has been some pretty good color lately, especially with the purple sage. I think I enjoy the purple sage more than any other plant in the desert. As a boy, I read Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage (and I've read it several times since), and fell in love with the descriptions of the desert and the horses running through the purple sage. When sage is in its height of color, the purple is so vivid. My experience has been that if you regularly trim the plant, the blooms are even thicker and richer. But my pictures of purple sage in bloom never seem to capture the deep richness of the purple. And people seem to disagree about when sage blooms. Some folks argue that the sage predicts rain, and blooms just before the rain falls. I find that the blooms follow the rain. Whatever, it is a beautiful plant when in bloom.

Below are some pictures I snapped during my walks in RCW in the last few days. Some of the pictures were taken just as the sun was coming up, so the light was not at its best for picture taking. Still, I believe it will show some of the color of the desert plants around RCW.

I spotted these deer between 2 houses across the street from ours. Notice the purple sage on right. Behind our development is ranch land.
This is taken just to the right of the previous picture. You can see the same purple sage at far left. I love the color along this house. I can not name all the plants in this picture, but the purple, orange, and yellow hues blend nicely, I think.
These two houses also have some nice blends. 
Several desert plants in this photo, including the Mexican bird of paradise (orange flowers). This is the same plant as in other pictures. It is quite popular, colorful, and easy to care for. It is not to be confused with the bird of paradise.
There are a number of desert plants with yellow flowers, and I get them confused, so I won't venture a guess as to what these are. Notice the sage to the left. RCW has a mix of yards. Some are low maintenance (rock yards) while others do have grass. We are considering removing the grass in our front lawn and replacing with rock, but keeping the grass in our back.
Here are some sage plants lining the back of a house. Again, pictures do not do justice to the rich purple.
Here is another house with some beautiful sage.
These sage plants are just across the street from us, so we are able to enjoy their beauty throughout the day. These are regularly trimmed as opposed to those in the preceding pictures.

There is quite a variety of desert plants in this picture.

What a beautiful sunrise. This picture was taken near the entrance to our development.

I don't have the camera for taking night pictures, but I did want to share this shot of the moon Donna and I saw last night. It was a beautiful orange color, much like a harvest moon. The light spot near bottom center is the top of a street light.

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