Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Skunk and Some Monsters

For the most part, it's been a quiet week for Donna and me.

On Thursday, daughter Courtney brought our 3 grandsons for a visit. They stayed the day, arriving about 10 AM and leaving about 5 PM. I'm glad they left when they did because the two little ones were going into monster mode.

On my walk Friday morning, a skunk crossed the road in front of me about a quarter mile from my house. I would guess this is the same skunk that I've been seeing for the past month or so. I posted a picture of the little guy in a recent entry (see "A Morning Surprise and Other Things"). Before that, it crossed the road in front of me about the same place it did on my Friday walk. I've also smelled it on numerous occasions. I suppose it has a den in the pasture behind our development. I know that some people set out food for animals, especially the wild cats that roam the area, and it may be that the skunk has discovered these buffets and is helping itself.

We tried a new restaurant on Wednesday, Jalapenos Locos on East Avenue K. We both tried the shrimp tacos. Neither of us really cared for this dish, but we liked the place in general enough to agree to try something else at another time. I usually order cheese enchiladas on my first visit to a Mexican restaurant, but upon inquiry I learned that they use red sauce on their enchiladas, and I just really don't care for that. I prefer chile con carne on my enchiladas. We did enjoy their salsa; it had a nice bite to it.

The weather has been fairly mild for San Angelo. I think we have hit triple digits only once this week. We have been able to sit out some almost every evening and be comfortable. The humidity has been a bit higher than we like. We've not had any rain in San Angelo, but surrounding areas have received a sprinkle here and there.

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