Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Pretty Good Week at RCW

It's been a pretty good week at our home in Rio Concho West. Donna and I have been pretty lazy and haven't done much other than eat and relax.

On the evening of July 4th, a storm blew in from the north. It wasn't as violent as our previous storm (see "Stormy Weather") a week or two earlier, but it had some force. We had 60+ mph winds. There was no real damage in our area, at least not like the previous storm. The good news is that we had some good rain from this storm. I recorded an inch of rain. For the year, we are only an inch under the average for this time of year, so we aren't doing badly. The grass is green and lush for early in July. The rain we've gotten hasn't been enough to restore our lakes, but it has kept everything alive.

One of our favorite grocery stores, Lowe's, has changed its name to Food King. We have 2 of these stores in town, and over the years they run some of the best sales in town, especially on canned goods and vegetables. We are eagerly awaiting the opening of a new H.E.B. store. We like H.E.B. and we buy most of our meat there. But I like many of the H.E.B. store products as well. The current store is at a busy intersection a few miles from our house, but the new store is only a half mile from the entrance to our housing area. That will be nice. We also have a Super Mercado as well as 5 Walmarts (3 super centers and 2 neighborhood markets). Last but certainly not least, we have Market Street, formerly Albertson's. Market Street is part of the United chain, based in Lubbock. And if I'm not mistaken, United is a subsidiary of Albertson's. Market Street is probably the nicest grocery, though it's prices are usually not as competitive as H.E.B. and Walmart.

There is a lot of road construction around the new H.E.B. store as well as along the north loop between Sherwood Way and North Bryant. As a result, we tend to avoid those areas when we get out.

We tried a couple of different restaurants this week. Neither establishment has a web site.

First up, we went to What Da Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant. We ate there once right after it opened about a year or so ago. Donna really liked her meal at that time, though I didn't particularly care for the pho I ordered. This time we both ordered pho ga, which is similar to chicken noodle soup. Pho ga uses rice noddles. The soup is served with a large platter of basil leaves, bean sprouts, peppers, and lime. You add these to the soup as you eat. We both enjoyed the meal. The restaurant is rather small, but that makes it quaint. We intend to go back. Service was excellent.

On our second restaurant outing, we ventured to a recently opened place called Cajun Creations. Donna ordered a grilled shrimp plate, which consisted of 5 shrimp, cole slaw, hush puppies, and dirty rice. I opted for the shrimp po boy, and requested grilled shrimp rather than fried shrimp. They were happy to accommodate me. I also enjoyed the same sides as Donna. The food and service was good, and we will certainly go back. They have daily lunch specials at a fair price. Like What Da Pho, Cajun Creations is a small establishment.

Other than a few shopping trips to our local farmers' market and grocery stores, that is about all we've done this week.

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