Friday, June 9, 2017

The Killdeers Come for a Visit

This past week, a small family of Killdeers visited our yard. We saw 2 adults (mother and father, I assume) and 3 chicks. They spent several days scurrying about the yard. With each passing day, they would spend less and less time with us, but we would often see them in neighbor's yards.

The adults, as you might expect, were very protective of the young. On several occasions, black birds would get too close to the chicks and the adults would come to the rescue, driving away the intruders. We were careful about going outside, and made it a habit to look out the windows before venturing onto our patio. Quite often, the chicks would actually be on our patio, inspecting everything they came into contact with.

Then one day, we looked out and saw only a single chick. The rest of the family was not in sight. We watched for a while, but no one came to check on the chick. I guess it got separated from the rest of the family. Later that evening, we did see the family in our neighbor's yard, but I only counted 2 chicks and 2 adults. I think that was the last evening I saw the birds. I guess they have moved to greener pastures.

Below are a few pictures of our yard guests.

This picture shows all 3 chicks. They would just wander the yard, pecking here and there.
This is a close-up of one of the chicks.
One of the adults keeping a watchful eye on everyone, including me.
Both adults in this picture

This picture shows one adult (lower right) and 2 chicks (upper left)

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