Friday, June 30, 2017

RCW Anniversary

Time has a way of slipping away, doesn't it. Although Donna mentioned something recently regarding this, I sort of let our 1 year anniversary at Rio Concho West get by me somehow. Yep, we've lived out here for just over a year now.

It's been a good year at RCW. Life is easy here. It's nice not to have to worry about things. During the recent storm, for example, there was no worry about clean up; after all, that is what RCW does. If damage had been done to our home, it would have been the responsibility of RCW to make repairs. Indeed, the crew has been busy this week cleaning up debris, cutting fallen trees, and making other repairs. The place is just about back in order now.

We really enjoy our home, and we are very comfortable in it. It's one of those homes that just seems to fit our lifestyle. The kitchen is light and spacious, as is the den/living area. We enjoy the big windows in our den that allow us to look out onto the street towards the clubhouse. Throughout the day, we can see our neighbors taking walks, riding around in their golf carts, and going to and from the clubhouse. It's a peaceful, relaxing environment with a strong small community feel about it.

We feel very fortunate to live here. I'm so happy that Donna investigated this place. I don't know of another place of this quality for the money.

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