Thursday, June 15, 2017

Odds and Ends

Last week, I reported on the little family of Kildeers that came for a visit. Over the weekend, we saw the entire family again on several occasions. The chicks should learn to fly soon, and then they will probably move on to another place.

During my brother's visit, we did several things around town. First, we took Larry and Nancy to the north entrance to San Angelo State Park. They had never been there before, and that section of the park is quite different from the south entrance. Since the north section borders the North Concho River, there are quite a few trees there.

We also walked along the Concho River in downtown San Angelo one morning. That is really a nice area of our town. Some of the houses that line the south bank of the river are really impressive, and the whole area is nicely developed. All visitors to Angelo should stop by that area. The Visitor's Center on the south bank of the river -- between the north and south lanes of US 87 -- is also a great stop, as it provides great resources for the area. Also along the south bank -- between Chadbourne and Oakes -- is the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts with its distinctive shape. Shops line Concho Avenue just a block north of the river.

Brother Larry and I stand along the north bank of the North Concho in downtown San Angelo.
I posed with Donna (left) and sister-in-law Nancy (right) along the river.
Chadbourne Street bridge in downtown San Angelo

Oakes Street Bridge in downtown San Angelo. The building rising above the tree line in the background is the Rio Concho Manor, where Donna and I often eat lunch when we ride the bus with our neighbors.

Looking towards downtown from the Celebration Bridge

Larry snapping a photo of his wife in front of the mermaid statue along Celebration Bridge. The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is in the background.

I took this photo of the Museum of Fine Arts a few years ago. It shows the saddle shape of the building from the side.
Visitor Center on south bank of the Concho River

I was walking early yesterday morning and snapped the picture below of the sunrise. Actually, I was a few minutes late. I first caught a glimpse of the sunrise about a quarter mile before I snapped the photo, but I did not have a clear shot. When I first saw the sun, it was a deep red, but in the 3 or 4 minutes it took to reach an area with a clear shot, the color had mostly faded and I was left with the image below.

Sunrise from the entrance to Rio Concho West.
It's hot and dry out here. Area cotton farmers are scrambling to plant before the insurance deadline. They had been hoping to get some moisture, but that just isn't going to happen. It may be a tough year for them.

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