Saturday, June 3, 2017

Life Without the Trailer, Part 2

As you saw in the previous post, there are things we miss about our trailer, but there are far more things I don't miss.

I certainly don't miss emptying the holding tanks. That's never a pleasant job, even though it becomes routine after a while. And I really don't miss when things get clogged up or an "accident" occurs while emptying the tanks.

I don't miss towing. I have never liked towing of any kind, but towing a heavy travel trailer on busy highways, treacherous roads, during gusting winds and other bad weather can be very stressful.

I don't miss the ongoing maintenance. When you own an RV, there will be maintenance. After all, when you bounce down the road at high speeds, things just jiggle about and problems eventually result. We were fortunate in all our travels to never have any serious problems, but we did experience a few things, such as:
  • damaged sway bar bracket
  • damaged electric cord from trailer to truck
  • damaged water feed to toilet
  • leaky pump
  • numerous electrical issues
  • stripped gears on electric hitch
  • and various other minor problems
I don't miss setting up or breaking camp in cold and/or rainy weather and/or in the dark. This didn't happen often, but I well remember those times when it did. Luckily, I kept proper clothing in the trailer for such situations. Being properly clad helps tremendously. Most people today think of clothing as simply a fashion statement; to me, clothing is a tool.

I don't miss spending cold nights and/or days in the trailer. Yeah, the trailer had a good furnace, but when it switched off, the cold creeped right back in almost instantly. There's little insulation value in a trailer. It does get cold in a trailer.

I don't miss riding out violent storms in the trailer. When the wind is rocking and the rain is pelting, it's a bit unnerving. We were fortunate in all our travels to never encounter large hail.

I don't miss taking showers in a small shower with limited elbow room.

I don't miss maneuvering the trailer through tight spots, such as gas stations, parking lots, and busy intersections.

I don't miss cramped RV sites in overly priced parks. I much prefer staying in state parks and similar places where you have a little room to breathe.

Of course, this list is not complete, but you get the idea. 

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