Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life Without the Trailer, Part 1

Well, it's been about 2 months since we sold the trailer. Are we missing it at all?

The truth is that, yes, we miss it at times. Overall, though, we are happy with our decision to sell it.

I miss waking up in a state park or other similar place to the sound of happy birds. Or perhaps watching a deer wander through our campsite.

I miss the freedom of going where you want yet always being home. When you travel by RV, you take your bed, your favorite foods, your television, all your necessary clothes, and other comforts with you. You can pull into a picnic area and use the bathroom, fix a meal, or take a nap. I miss that relaxed mode of travel.

I miss being out of doors as much as we were whenever we traveled in our trailer. We would spend hours each day outside. We'd often start the day by cooking breakfast outside on our camp stove. Perhaps we'd take a walk around the park or take a hike. Sometimes we'd just sit outside watching the wildlife, watching other RVers come and go, or just enjoying the weather. Donna would often grab her poles and head down to the fishing hole if there was one while I'd relax around camp.

I miss the slow pace of life living in a trailer. We'd pick a place to go and allow ourselves plenty of time to visit the museums and other points of interest in the area. There was never a rush to do things because we were always "home" in the trailer.

I miss breaking camp in the morning and getting the trailer hooked up to the truck. Then, with a fresh cup of coffee to help me, we'd pull out for a new destination, a new adventure. I miss that feeling.

So, yes, there are plenty of things I miss. In the next installment, though, I'll look at the things we don't miss.

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