Monday, June 12, 2017

Brother is Moving to Florida

My brother Larry and his wife Nancy came for a short visit this weekend. Nancy is retiring from her job this week, and they are on their way to a life of ease in Florida. Larry retired several years ago.

A few years ago, they bought a condo on the beach on the east coast of Florida. Since then, they have been remodeling and getting things ready for full-time living. Larry has always loved the water, since we were boys. They have been living the last several years in a lake community in Fort Worth.

They have sold their house in Fort Worth. They close later this week. They are taking very little with them, just a trailer with some clothes, personal items, and little else. They have given items to Larry's daughters, sold a few things, and included some furniture in the sell of the house. The condo is much smaller, so they have had to down size.

They leave on their new adventure at the end of this week. They will stop for a short visit with Larry's daughters in Mississippi, then continue on to the Atlantic shore. By this time in 2 weeks, they should have the trailer unloaded and be busy setting up house in the condo. Donna and I are excited for them.

Florida is a long way from Texas, so I don't know when I'll see Larry again. Heck, at our age, you just can't tell what will happen tomorrow, or if there will even be a tomorrow. Personally, I don't enjoy traveling east; Donna and I prefer to travel west. The idea of going to Florida just really doesn't appeal to me. I don't enjoy flying, so if we do go, we will likely drive, and that is a long, long drive.

But you never know about us.

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