Friday, June 23, 2017

Best Laid Plans

Donna and I had planned a trip home this week, but we cut it short because of Tropical Storm Cindy.

On Monday, we headed to my hometown of Fairfield, about 65 miles east of Waco. We spent much of the day in rain, some of it heavy. We really didn't expect that much rain.

It was nice to see my hometown, though. There were places in the area I had not seen in a long time and I wanted to see them again. With each passing year, the distance between San Angelo and Fairfield seems to get greater, and the trips are harder to make.

We visited the cemetery at Shiloh, where my father, mother, paternal grandparents, my father's younger sister, and a cousin rest. Shiloh is an old community just south of Mexia along highway 39. Then we drove to Kirvin, about 10 miles west of Fairfield. I drove by my grandmother's old home there, then out to Woodland Cemetery, where my maternal grandparents rest along with my mother's older brother. There are other family members that are also buried there.

Then it was on to Fairfield, where we ate and spent the night. The next day, we drove to Shreveport, and this is where our plans began to change. We were scheduled to spend 3 nights at the Horseshoe Casino, then head down to Conroe, Donna's home town, just north of Houston.

I guess we just don't keep up with the news anymore. Wednesday morning, I rose early as I normally do at Casinos and went downstairs to play a while and enjoy a cup of coffee. When Donna came down later that morning, she surprised me by saying that we would leave Thursday morning as a tropical storm was coming through. Since Conroe is near the coast, it often gets pretty heavy rain from such storms, and we just really didn't want to deal with that. And come to find out, some of the heaviest rain was predicted for the Lufkin area, and we would be passing through Lufkin to get to Conroe.

So, we cancelled our visit and decided to leave that evening to beat the rain. We drove west as far as Corsicana to spend the night, then made a leisurely drive home Thursday.

We'll reschedule our Conroe visit at another time. Besides, we really weren't ready for the humidity in East Texas, so we may wait for some cool fall weather before venturing that way again.

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