Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Morning Surprise and Other Things

In my previous post, I just missed getting a beautiful picture of a colorful sun rise. On my next walk, I left  a few minutes earlier in hopes of snapping a great photo.

But I got another photo instead. As I neared the entrance to our subdivision, it was still dark. The grass along the road was thick and tall as I approached a street light. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye. I saw a dark figure moving. I pulled away, and was glad I did, for it was a skunk. It soon left the grass and moved onto the street, where I snapped the photo below in poor light.

Skunk under street light

We see lots of critters where we live, especially deer and turkeys. But the turkeys have been absent lately. I expect they will return when the pecans and acorns are ripe. I did see a doe early this morning as I stepped out the front door to begin my walk.

On other matters . . .

Summer is here in earnest. Yesterday, we topped out at 109 degrees. Sterling City, about 40 miles to the northwest, hit 112. Yep, it's pretty miserable out there. And the hot dry wind out of the south just further dries things out and makes it more unpleasant. Time to head back to the mountains.

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