Monday, May 8, 2017

Solar Screens and Other Things

It's been a pretty slow week at Rio Concho West.

Last summer, we noticed how hot some of the rooms in the house were. Our guest bedroom and office have double windows that are fully exposed to the sun. When that West Texas sun beats down, the entire room heats up. And when the afternoon sun hit our front door (we have a glass exterior door), it would cook the big door, especially the handle, making it unpleasant to touch.

Donna asked around and learned that several residents put up solar screens for this very reason. We had a company come out and check our windows, take some measurements, then give us a quote. We decided to put solar screens on all our bedroom windows as well as the office and the front door. We did not put the screens on the windows of the den as those windows are protected by the back porch cover. The screens really block the sun, making the rooms rather dark, and we hope they will keep them cooler as the hot weather comes along.

Besides that, we've not done much else except walk, shop, sleep, and eat. It's a hard life.

Below are some pictures of our solar screens.

This is a comparison of our neighbor's house (on left) and our house (on right). You can clearly see the difference as regards the windows. The screens really block that sun.
This is a close up of our neighbor's windows (left) and our windows (right). Most homes in Rio Concho West are built with 2 houses sharing a roof. Therefore, we call our neighbors our "roof mates".
This picture just shows our house. Notice window on patio do not have the screens. Since we spend most of our time in the den, which overlooks the patio, we wanted to have clear views out from there. The screens do block the view some. Also, the windows on the patio are protected from most of the sun, so we didn't feel they needed screens.

This is the front of the house. We added screens to the bedroom/office on left as well as on the front door. The kitchen window (far right) did not need a screen.
This is the front door. You can barely see the window on the door behind the screen, which is attached to a glass door. Afternoon sun coming through that glass would heat up the door handle.
This is a view from just inside the front door with the new screen looking out. You can see that the view is a bit blurred, and notice how dark it is.
This is a view through our glass door on the patio, which does NOT have a screen. You can see how much lighter and clearer it is than the image above.
This image shows how the screens are fitted tight on the windows. The company did a good job of measuring, making the screens flush with the woodwork above.

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