Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cripple Creek, Colorado

I'm glad we decided to come to Cripple Creek. Donna and I have enjoyed our stay here.

Cripple Creek is a small town, with just over 1,000 residents. I like small towns. Things here are slow paced and easy. Originally a mining camp, today Cripple Creek finds its wealth in tourism and gaming. At an elevation of 9,494 feet on the western slope of Pikes Peak, the air here is crisp and clean. During our stay in mid-May, daily highs were in the low 70s while nightly lows hovered around the freezing mark.

There are several casinos in Cripple Creek. In ABC order, these are:

  • Bronco Billy's
  • Century Casino
  • Colorado Grand Casino
  • Double Eagle
  • Johnny Nolon's
  • McGill's
  • Midnight Rose
  • Wildwood
All of the casinos above line the main street through town and are within easy walking distance of each other. We stayed at Bronco Billy's and played there and at the Double Eagle. We found excellent video poker games at both these casinos (9/6 Jacks or Better and NSUD). The service was excellent everywhere we went, both on the gaming floor as well as in the restaurants.

Cripple Creek reminded me a great deal of old Vegas. For example, upon check in at the hotel, we were given a rebate voucher as well as coupons for free meals. We did not pay for a single meal until our last day there, and the rebate voucher got us a total of $40 cash. Numerous other opportunities were going on during our stay at Bronco Billy's, including "hot seat" drawings, tokens for natural 4 of a kind, and double points on the Tuesday we were there. Yeah, they treat the gambler right in Cripple Creek. We'll certainly be going back. And maybe the best thing of all is that there is no smoking in the casinos. How nice to be able to play without being covered in the reek of cigarette smoke!

Most of the casinos are in old buildings. Bronco Billy's, for example, actually occupies what once was probably 6 or more old stores, each about 30 or more feet wide and stretching from the street to the alley. The separate buildings are now connected with openings. Sometimes it is a bit cramped, but for Donna and me, that just adds to the old Vegas appeal.

Below are some pictures from our stay in Cripple Creek.

This is  Bronco Billy's. It occupies all the store fronts you see with the blue awnings in the picture, so it is really a pretty big place.

This is looking west.

Another photo looking west, from the same side of the street as Bronco Billy's.

I don't know who this street urchin is, but she kept getting in my photos.

Lots of historic buildings in Cripple Creek.

Here's that street urchin again. This photo looks east. It was taken from near the Double Eagle.

Another of the many historic buildings in town.

Looking west from near the Double Eagle.

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