Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bronco Billy's

We really enjoyed our recent trip, and we really enjoyed our time in Cripple Creek. Even though I mentioned our stay at Bronco Billy's in a previous post, I wanted to go back and provide more detail.

We spent 3 nights at Bronco Billy's. When we checked in at the hotel desk, we were greeted warmly and friendly. The clerk asked if we had player's cards; we said "no" and asked if we needed them before checking in. She replied that she could issue us cards. The hotel found that to be more convenient than sending customers to the player's club. Now, how many casinos do you know that provide this type of service. Imagine, trying to make things easier for the customer rather than the establishment! After issuing our cards, she then presented us with a rebate voucher, a coupon for 2 free meals at either Baja Billy's or the Home Café, and then 2 coupons for 1 free breakfast at the Home Café. All of these were given to us for each night of our stay; in other words, we were able to eat free twice each day during our stay.

The rebate voucher was a nice comp. Our individual accounts were linked together. As a couple, all we needed was to acquire 250 points a day for a $10 cash rebate and 500 points a day for a $20 rebate. We were given one of these vouchers for each night we stayed at the hotel. By my calculations, each point required $4 coin-in, so it was no problem for us to get 500 points daily. As a result, we received $20 cash rebate each day of our stay there.

We played mostly quarter NSUD, which is a 99.73% deuces wild game. There are probably a dozen or more of these games in the casino, mostly at the bar in the Tap Room or at another bar in another room 4 or so "levels" to the east (I don't know the name of this bar). Since the games are all progressive, they are actually worth more than 99.73%. The progressive feature enhances not only the royal flush but also quad deuces. I hit quad deuces twice, and the mini-jackpot netted me at least $250 each time. Donna hit the royal for over $1100 as well as quad deuces once. There are other progressive games at various denominations, but I don't play them so I did not note their pay tables.

Further, natural quads, including quad deuces, entitles the player to a wooden token they call a "Woody". When you get 4 such tokens, take them to the cashier and get $5. As if that is not enough, Tuesday is double points day, so points add up even faster.

The rooms at Bronco Billy's are old; after all, it is an old building. But they are well maintained and clean. Our room consisted of the bedroom, a dressing area consisting of the sink and closet, and the bathroom consisting of the toilet and tub. The bathroom was tight; we had to squeeze in to shut the door. But everything worked well. There was a microwave and mini-fridge, and the flat screen TV had plenty of channels. Even though we were above the casino and facing the street, we were not bothered by noise. One big lack is the insufficient number of electrical outlets, but this is to be expected in an older building.

Bedroom at Bronco Billy's. Window overlooks Bennett Avenue

This is what I call the "dressing area". To right is closet, while sink is to left. Notice that bath area is very small. Microwave and mini-fridge are out of sight on right.
Photo taken from door to dressing area. Flat-screen TV on wall on left. Windows overlook street.
We enjoyed eating at Bronco Billy's. We arrived on a Sunday and immediately went to Baja Billy's to get our free meal. The coupon entitled us to ANYTHING on the menu. I ordered the carne asada plate while Donna had the taco salad with chicken. We enjoyed these items very much. In addition, we enjoyed the chips and the 2 salsas and frijole dip that was served. We looked forward to returning; unfortunately, the restaurant was closed our remaining days (Monday - Wednesday) so we did not get to eat there again.

We ate breakfast each day at the Home Café. This is a small place, but full of character. The waitresses are old style; they could teach waitresses at fancy restaurants quite a bit about customer service. For example, our waitress one day noticed we were having trouble getting ketchup out of the bottle, and she brought a new bottle for us. Our drinks were always full and nothing else was lacking. They were efficient and friendly. There is a $.49 breakfast served each morning, and that is what the coupon allows. I ordered something different each day. The first day I ordered the omelet. The next day I ordered the pancakes. The last morning I tried the eggs. The omelet and egg orders came with hash browns and toast/biscuit. I preferred the toast to the biscuit. The pancake breakfast came with 2 pancakes that literally flowed to the edge of my plate. We also ate a late lunch at the Home Café.

In all honesty, the food at the Home Café is not great, but it is very decent and very filling. No, it is not gourmet food; it is down-home basic stick to your ribs food. And that is the way it should be in a casino like this.

The Tap Room was only open Sunday during our stay there, and that is a pity. Now, you can still play when it is closed, but there is no one tending bar when it is closed. The one day we played at that bar, we were able to order Dunkel beer on tap, and it was good. Dunkel is one of our favorite beers, and it is difficult to find. Of course, while playing, the beer is comped, so we are essentially able to drink free. During summer months, I think the Tap Room is open more days.

There is a lot about Bronco Billy's that reminds me of what I call "old Vegas." It's difficult to find a casino these days that give the player a good gamble and good service. We are already planning our next trip.

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