Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We Sold the Trailer

We sold our travel trailer last Thursday.

Donna and I bought our first trailer, a folding camper (often called a "pop up") when our daughter was young, and we dragged that thing all over the place. Every opportunity -- weekends, spring break, summer vacation -- you could find us in a state park somewhere having a ball. Before that, we camped in a tent, so the camper was a big step up.

Since those days, Donna and I graduated to larger self-contained rigs, and we've enjoyed them all. Initially, we used the trailers as a way to get away on weekends or any other time. We used the rigs as an escape from work. We were always active outdoors then, and we would hike, bike, float rivers, and do all the other activities possible at our state parks. I never considered our rigs for anything other than a short-term vacation.

But I just don't enjoy those brief outings anymore. The last 3 trips we took -- which were about 2 weeks long each -- were just not fun for me. I think our passions and interests have changed over the years. Today, I'd rather throw a bag in a car and just use hotels. I've never enjoyed towing, and I certainly don't care for all the maintenance that any RV requires. And though some people think it is cheaper to travel via an RV, it isn't, at least not once you look at the total cost of ownership.

So, are we done with the RV lifestyle? Probably so -- at least, I hope so. However, there is one scenario where I can see us getting another RV. In our last 2 rigs, we took 2 long trips. In our Rockwood, we traveled for 8 months, and in our Coachmen, we traveled for 6 months. I like living that way. There is a great freedom to full-timing. I like not being tied to a place or schedule, and I like being able to move somewhere else at short notice. But if we ever elected to do this, we would get a bigger rig, probably a fifth wheel. I would want to be comfortable if we lived that way.

You might wonder why we just don't take off for 6 months in our current trailer and keep our house. Frankly, we just can't afford that. When you do that, you are basically supporting 2 households. Even if you are not living in a brick-and-mortar home, there are still expenses on that home, such as utility bills, insurance, HOA fees, and so on.

So, are we done traveling? Absolutely not. In fact, we have a nice little trip planned around our anniversary, and then a longer trip is in the works for the fall. No, we'll keep traveling. To be honest, though, I enjoy where we live so much that traveling doesn't interest me as much as it once did. But we like to go somewhere almost every month, so I can see us taking short 2 or 3 night trips each month to places within 300 miles or so of San Angelo, such as our recent trip to New Braunfels (see "Short Trip to New Braunfels").

But you never know. As I've said before, Donna and I have a gypsy spirit, so we may wake up one day, buy a big rig, sell the house, and head on down the road to points unknown.

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