Sunday, April 9, 2017

Slow Week at RCW

We've not done too much this week. Of course, we took a back country tour, which I wrote about earlier this week (see "Backroads Tour: Water Valley and Robert Lee"). On Friday, we went to the movies to see Going in Style starring Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine. The movie is labeled a heist comedy film, and it is a remake of the 1979 movie by the same name. This movie will not garner any awards, but it was an enjoyable film. It's nice for older folks to have a movie they can relate to.

Early in the week, we returned to Taste of the Himalayas, our local Indian restaurant. When this place opened in 2014, Donna and I had high hopes for it. We like exotic food, and it isn't often that a town the size of San Angelo in the middle of ranching country gets such a restaurant. When it first opened, we really liked the place. Unlike other Indian food buffets, it had a generous selection of ethnic dishes, and all of them were tasty. We were frequent visitors. The place did a pretty good business and developed a local following, especially among personnel from Goodfellow AFB.

As time passed, though, changes became apparent. We noticed a lack of consistency in food preparation most of all. Then the place changed ownership. The quality, in our opinion, continued to decline with the new management. We ate there several months ago and decided we would give the place a rest of a few months before trying it again. So, this past Monday, we decided we had waited long enough for another test.

Boy, were we disappointed. The place has declined even more. And I think it is safe to say that we are not the only ones who think this way. We were in the place for a full hour. During that time, only 2 other customers came in. The place has turned into a graveyard. And it looks like the place has changed hands again, as we did not recognize any of the employees there. We have probably visited the place for the last time. If it is still open a year from now, we might give it another try, but for now, we have marked it off our list. That's a shame, for we just don't have many places that serve exotic food here.

Other than that, we've stayed close to home for the most part. I continue to walk between 4 and 5 miles every other day, but Donna has fallen off her routine a bit. I enjoy walking early in the morning, about sunrise. It's a bit early and a bit cool for Donna at that time, so she normally likes to walk later in the day. Unfortunately for her, as the day rolls along, the harder the wind blows in general, and she likes walking in the wind even less than when it is early or cool. The weather will level off soon, though, and she'll get back to it, I'm sure.

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